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Employer Claim Location Information: Listing by Name - C

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This page contains links to names of employers who have opted into posting a location where their employees must file claims for compensation, pursuant to Public Act 17-141.


The information provided by links on this page has been created solely by employers supplying that information to the Commission. It is each employer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the information it provides to the Commission is accurate and up-to-date.

If you do not find the name of your employer listed below, it only means that we have not received information regarding an employer-designated claim location from your employer. In such a case, first check at your employer's workplace to determine whether your employer has, indeed, posted such a location to which you must file your claim.

If no location has been posted by your employer, ask your employer where you should file your claim.

C&M Health Services Branford LLC dba Compassionate Care at Home
posted 05-14-2018

Cammie, LLC dba TA Executive Care
posted 07-24-2020

Capital Area Health Consortium, Inc.
posted 01-11-2019

Capitol Region Education Council
posted 02-28-2018

Capitol Region Education Council - Harwinton
posted 02-28-2018

Capitol Region Education Council-Middletown
posted 02-28-2018

Capitol Region Education Council-New Britain
posted 02-28-2018

Care At Home, LLC
posted 05-04-2018; removed 06-16-2020

CareCo Medical, Inc.
posted 04-03-2018; removed 06-16-2020

CareCo Shoreline, Inc.
posted 04-17-2018; removed 06-16-2020

Caregiver’s Home Solutions, LLC
posted 03-26-2018

CareOne Health Services, LLC
posted 05-04-2018; updated 03-06-2019; removed 06-16-2020

Caring Community of Connecticut, Inc., The
posted 06-28-2018

Carolton Chronic and Convalescent Hospital, Inc., The
posted 10-05-2018

posted 01-21-2020

Center for Family Justice, Inc., The
posted 09-12-2018

Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut, Inc.
posted 09-06-2018; removed 07-24-2020

Center for Transitional Living, L.L.C.
posted 04-17-2018

Center of Special Care, Inc.
posted 02-28-2018

Central Naugatuck Valley Help, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018

Change, Inc., Change Maple Leaf Manor, Inc., Nurses at Home, Inc.
posted 08-31-2018; updated 06-06-2019

Chapel Haven, Inc.
posted 08-24-2018

Chemical Abuse Services Agency, Inc.
posted 06-28-2018; updated 08-13-2020

Cherry Brook Health Care Center
posted 08-31-2018, 10-20-2020

Cheshire House Nursing & Rehabilitation, Inc. c/o Ryders Health Management, Inc.
posted 01-05-2018; removed 01-11-2019

Child & Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, Inc.
posted 01-17-2018

Children’s Center of Hamden, The
posted 06-27-2018; removed 07-24-2020

Children’s Community Programs of CT, Inc., The
posted 09-13-2018

Chrysalis Center, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018

City of Derby & Derby Public Schools
posted 02-28-2018; removed 08-24-2020

Clasp Homes, Inc.
posted 01-17-2018; updated 07-24-2020

Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, Inc.
posted 01-22-2018

Clinical Neurobehavioral Services, LLC
posted 05-07-2018; removed 07-24-2020

Collins Medical Associates 2, P.C.
posted 06-27-2018

Colonial Health and Rehab Center of Plainfield, LLC
posted 06-06-2019

Columbus House, Inc.
posted 02-23-2018

Communicare, Inc.
posted 01-19-2018

Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc.
posted 09-06-2018

Community Action Agency of Western Connecticut, Inc., The
posted 09-13-2018

Community Child Guidance Clinic, Inc.
posted 01-22-2018

Community Health Resources, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018; updated 06-06-2019

Community Health Services, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018

Community Helping Hands, LLC
posted 08-31-2018

Community Mental Health Affiliates, Inc.
posted 10-30-2017; updated 11-08-2018, 01-10-2019, 03-06-2019

Community Options, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018

Community Partners in Action, Inc.
posted 08-31-2018

Community Residences, Inc.
posted 11-28-2017; updated 09-06-2018, 01-08-2019

Community Social Integration, LLC dba CSI South
posted 07-24-2020

Community Systems, Inc.
posted 01-12-2018

Companions & Home Helpers, LLC
posted 02-13-2018

Companions and Homemakers by Nancy and Hazel Inc. dba Community Companion and Homemaking
posted 01-18-2018

Companions Forever, LLC
posted 03-16-2018

Compassionate Home Care LLC
posted 03-16-2018

Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services, LLC
posted 06-28-2018; removed 01-11-2019

Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc.
posted 07-24-2020

Connecticut Handivan, Inc.
posted 01-10-2018

Connecticut Home Care Solutions, LLC
posted 11-13-2018

Connecticut Hospice, Inc., The
posted 03-16-2018

Connecticut Institute for Communities, Inc.
posted 05-14-2018

Connecticut Institute for Communities, Inc. - Danbury Locations
posted 11-28-2017

Connecticut Institute for Communities, Inc. - North Branford Location
posted 11-28-2017

Connecticut Junior Republic Association, Inc.
posted 06-27-2018

Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists, P.C.
posted 01-30-2018; updated 08-24-2018

Connecticut Renaissance, Inc.
posted 01-17-2018

Connection Fund, Inc., The
posted 01-17-2018

Connection, Inc., The
posted 01-17-2018

Connor & Connor Associates, LLC
posted 01-08-2018; removed 12-28-2020

Constellation Health Services, LLC
posted 06-27-2018

Continuum of Care, Inc.
posted 03-06-2019

Cook Willow Convalescent Hospital, Inc.
posted 03-16-2018

Corporate Professional Business Services - Yale New Haven Health Services
posted 10-30-2017; updated 05-01-2019

COS Home Health Care, LLC, c/o Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists
posted 03-11-2019; removed 07-24-2020

Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, Inc.
posted 01-19-2018

Covenant Shelter of New London, Inc.
posted 06-27-2018

Creative Potential, LLC
posted 07-11-2019

CSC Enterprises, Inc. dba Branford Hills Health Care Center
posted 09-01-2020

CT Clinical Services, Inc. dba Turnbridge
posted 02-05-2018

CT Home Health Services, LLC DBA: Right At Home Health Care & Assistance
posted 08-24-2018

CT In-Home Assistance LLC
posted 08-31-2018; updated 11-07-2019

CTtransit D.B.A HNS Management - Hartford District
posted 06-28-2018

CTtransit D.B.A HNS Management - New Haven District
posted 06-28-2018

CTtransit D.B.A HNS Management - Stamford District
posted 06-28-2018

Curtis Home, The
posted 01-05-2018

If you have questions about this or any other workers’ compensation-related matter, you may call the Commission’s Education Services unit at 1-800-223-WORK (in CT only) or (860) 493-1534.

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State of Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission, Stephen M. Morelli, Chairman
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